About Us

Since 1923, the Kansas chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity has been giving men the opportunity to experience the unique advantages of living in a fraternity. Every year we increase that number by recruiting individuals who believe that they can contribute to their personal success and the success of the fraternity. These men represent the foundation of the Associate Member Program that encourages new members to develop and attain their goals.

One priority of Delta Chi is academic success. We strive to maintain high scholastic standards and have been successful in creating a study-oriented environment. We've consistently finished among the top chapters in grades, and were recently the only fraternity to be awarded Chapter Excellence by the University. Another advantage to being an academically-solid fraternity is having experienced students available for tutoring and academic advice.

Intramural competition is also considered a priority in our chapter. We have been extremely competitive in the Greek Division, and have finished among the top five houses consistently throughout the past few decades. We challenge everyone to compete much in the same way we encourage academic effort; thereby providing a positive atmosphere for high-spirited competition.

Of course, the social life is one of the many advantages of fraternity life. Delta Chi's like to keep their schedule full of a variety of social functions to help relieve the stresses of school and to meet new and interesting people. We host several annual parties that have been traditions of Delta Chi for decades.

Accompanying 80 years of tradition comes a strong alumni background. High percentages of Delta Chi's have gone on to be successful and influential men in their professions. Our fantastic alumni base has made it possible for us to keep our house in beautiful condition. A multi-million dollar renovation was completed in 2000 making Delta Chi the most recently renovated piece of property on campus.

If you would like an invitation to an upcoming recruitment event or have any other questions about our chapter, please contact us.