Delta Chi of the Week

2016-2017 Exec Board
Name: Jake Bethel
Position: Vice President
Major: Accounting and Finance 
High School: St. Thomas Aquinas
Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Why did you join Delta Chi? – I joined because of the people. When I rushed, they really made it feel like home.

What’s your favorite part about the fraternity? – I'd have to say that the friends I've made are by far my favorite part.

Do you have any outside involvement other than the house? – Yes, I am involved with Natural Ties and the Multicultural Business Scholars Program.

What made you want to be on exec? – Last year I had the chance to get to know a number of the older guys in the chapter and they encouraged me to start considering the idea.

Dream Job - My dad owns a couple car dealerships and as of now I would say that working in that business would be my dream job.

What are your plans after college? – Currently I am considering applying for the MAcc program at KU and joining the car business with my dad.