Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Philanthropy and Community Service

The week of November 17th-23rd, Delta Chi was all about giving back. On Thursday, November 21st, Delta Chi had its second annual pre-Thanksgiving philanthropy dinner with the lovely ladies of Kappa Delta. This event ended up raising $2,000.00! The proceeds went straight to the "Jimmy V Foundation" for cancer research. On Saturday, November 23rd, Delta Chi did a community clean up for homeowners throughout Lawrence. Members went door to door to find out what people needed done to their lawns or exteriors of their houses. After a full day of raking, mowing, gutter cleaning, fence fixing, and tree trimming, the yards looked great and everyone was more than pleased and extremely grateful for the work. It is a great feeling knowing that the men of Delta Chi were able to make a difference in the nearby community, as well as for a the "Jimmy V Foundation" for cancer research.