Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Delta Chi Of The Week (11/14/16)

2016-2017 Exec Board
Name: Alex Langdon
Position: President
Major: Finance and Marketing
Hometown: Denver, CO

Why did you join Delta Chi? – I really liked the great network of guys in the chapter, and the prominent alumni. During this past summer, I went to the international convention for Delta Chi, and I bonded with delta chi brothers from across the country. That experience helped remind me why I joined.

What’s your favorite part about the fraternity? – I think when you get any opportunity to get your pledge class together, and to relive the funny moments of pledge ship, and you're all together again.

Do you have any outside involvement other than the house? – Various business clubs and organizations

What made you want to become president? – Main reason is to keep moving the house forward, give back to community, and keep the memories alive

What are your plans after college? – I took a job at Ernst and Young in downtown KC. I will be working in the consultant division next August.